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Hello and welcome to Muscle and Iron with Victor Black..

Firstly a quick introduction for those that don’t know me.. some of you know me from Facebook.. some know me from the Bodybuilding Scene and for some its going the first time you have ever heard of me so I think a quick introduction is in order..

So who am I ?

My name is Victor, I am 48 years Old, I live in Chiang Mai Thailand with my beautiful wife Tonkta and our Son Jack..

I have been training for 32 years now and for most of that time I trained and competed Naturally.. I have also trained on TRT and a couple of years ago I started to train and compete as an Enhanced Athlete

I am very much a “family man” I am not one the “whatever it takes” to win types.. For me my family comes first and Bodybuilding is very much a Lifestyle Choice rather than an ” Obsession”

At 48 I still compete in Amateur Bodybuilding

I compete in the Masters Amateur Class – ie Over 40’s Class .. in SE Asia … there aren’t actually a lot of shows for Over 40’s in Asia so sometimes I compete in the Unrestricted Weight and Age Class – or what is called Open Class..

As far as stats go I am 180cm tall and I weigh around 110kg Off Season in pretty good shape – thats around 240 pounds and around 100kg on stage – that’s around 220 pounds..

My mid term Bodybuilding goal is to prepare and try to qualify for the Nabba World Masters Over 50’s Competition in 2018.. which is around 18 months from now..

So what is Muscle and Iron About ?

The truth is if you spend enough time in the Bodybuilding business you will come to learn some inescapable facts.. one of which is that if you ask 10 ” experts’ their opinion on something, you are most likely going to get 10 different answers..

I myself follow a number of Channels and sometimes I agree wholehearted with a presenters opinion and on the very next video they make I am like ” what the fuck are you talking about ? ” haha

So this channel is very much simply my opinion.. my take on things based on what I have experienced and what I have learn’t in the gym over the last 32 years..

Its not a case of I am right and they are are wrong .. that is not what I am about..

Some of what I am going to be talking about is backed by ” research and studies” and some is unashamedly my version of ” Bro science” – and we will talk about why I don’t walk the ” its science – you cant argue with science” line 100% of the time – as we go..

I have a ” total transparency” attitude and if you have any questions please feel free to ask.. as far as I am concerned no subject including the use and abuse of steroids and other compounds are off limits..

I have a number of different resources that you might be interested in.

My free materials – videos and posts.. and I also offer paid coaching for anyone that wants to get either answers to specific questions or assist with the development and implementation their Training, Nutrition and Recovery Program.

You can contact me either via Facebook or by email at victor@muscleandiron.com

Life is too Short to be Small

Victor Black..


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